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“I’m tired, but I’m not done yet!” ??

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“I’m tired, but I’m not done yet!” ?? I’ve listened to Rich Wilkerson Jr’s teaching on “what to do when you don’t know what to do” twice because it’s SO GOOD (check it out on the VOUS Church podcast!).

In the midst of the crazy & constantly changing, & a season when answers, hopes & dreams seem slow in coming, it’s natural to just “not feel like it”. To feel tired, sad, unsure… unmotivated. In his teaching, Pastor Rich shared, “Whatever you do daily determines who you become permanently.” Wow. What a timely reminder to lace up my warrior boots & KEEP GOING even when it feels chaotic, even when it feels slow, even when I don’t want to, even when…

So today I declared “I’m tired but I’m not done yet”, & put into practice habits that future Emily will be proud of. Today’s season won’t last forever, & I want to ENSURE that who I become isn’t limited because I didn’t fully show up today.

I don’t always FEEL like showing up… but every time I choose to, I am choosing to be who God made me to be. Warrior friend, it’s tempting to sleep walk through life… but in doing so, we would miss out on the beautiful journey, the growing, the treasure just beneath the surface… we would miss out on our one-and-only life. This isn’t a dress rehearsal.

Whatever season you find yourself in—whether tough or not-so-tough—choose to show up FULLY. Lace up your warrior boots & fight from the stance of victory we already have in Christ. Don’t skate through becoming—pursue becoming who God made you to be with all you’ve got. ??

What is one habit you want to cultivate today? Drink more water? Go to sleep earlier? Workout? Cook dinner rather than eat out? Clean your house? Get rid of clothes you don’t wear? Make that phone call you’ve been putting off? Journal? What’s ONE thing future you will thank you for? Let me know!

And shout-out to Jerry Morris for my epic #FaithOverFear Fitness tank! ?

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