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Lace Up Your Warrior Boots: Choosing Peace in Becoming

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I’ll just come right out and admit it: I’m a worrier. It’s in my nature and I don’t know how to avoid it. My Dad once told me that when I worry, that shows that I’m not trusting God. Wow, that was a low blow. I had never connected the two before, but now I feel guilty on top of my worrying! Anyone else… just me?

So what fruit of the spirit do I struggle with the most? Peace. How do I find it? Where do I get it? Can I learn how to have peace? Or does it just come naturally and I’ll never be able to change? Cue ALL THE QUESTIONS. 

Webster defines peace as “freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility.” Even when I’m not stressed about work, I’m worrying about where my next paycheck will be coming from (yay freelance life). Even when my personal life seems to be going well, there’s always something in the back of my mind. My mind can create false narratives and then I start stressing over something that isn’t even there… where’s the peace?! 

What if I flipped the question: what would it look like to choose peace every single day? Even through the mess of freelance work, being single at age 26, living away from my family, some of my best friends living across the country… what if I choose peace daily? I will always be changing and becoming the best version of myself, and I believe with that comes peace. Peace won’t just happen to me, I have to choose it. So what does it look like to choose peace? 

I want to surround myself with positive people. People who will tell me the honest truth, encourage me, and support me. I want to choose to truly rely on God, and know that He has great plans for me. I can be proactive, but I cannot make things happen for myself. I want to be in the Word on a daily basis. I want to pray as often as I’m texting my closest friends. I think these little minor changes can add up to a major difference. 

Do you naturally exude peace? Or has it been a struggle for you to? Let’s encourage one another and help each other lace up our warrior boots to be the best versions of ourselves. Peaceful versions of the women God has created us to be! 

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