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Lent is traditionally known as the 40 days of preparation observed by Christians leading to the celebration of Christ’s Resurrection. Over the years, different denominations have dominated the tradition, often adding extra biblical meaning to the season of lent, causing the original intent to be lost.

Lent focuses on the why behind the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The reason Jesus had to die is you and I are sinners. We violated God, and justice is required. Lent reminds us that it was our sinful actions that required Christ’s death. We are responsible. We are guilty in our sin. Wrestling with this truth is weighty, dark, and depressing. However, the dark moments of lent will be over shadowed by the light of the RESURRECTION of JESUS CHRIST.

Lent isn’t just about dying to habits, patterns, ways of thinking, living, and acting. Yes, that’s a part of it. But lent is also about embracing new ways of life that replace those habits, patterns, and old ways of living.

If you’re in Ocala, I invite you to join me on this journey, beginning tomorrow–February 22nd for Ash Wednesday. There will be a personal time of prayer and communion with Pastor Mark & Linda at Church of Hope between the hours listed below:

7-9 AM

11 AM – 1 PM

5-7 PM

*For more on Lent, click HERE.

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