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let the branding begin…

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GREAT article from my Daddy! What does Jesus say about branding??

My daughters are students at the University of Florida ~ Go Gators! just saying…

Emily is in a Marketing class that is teaching her about “branding”; the concept of making your product stand out among all the other products. identifying the unique characteristics of you ideas, thoughts, organization, group etc.

you see it everyday with companies like Nike. Starbucks. Apple. etc.

When the branding question came up to Jesus…he responded:

“Let me give you a new command: Love one another. In the same way I loved you, you love one another. This is how everyone will recognize that you are my disciples—when they see the love you have for each other.” John 13v34-35 msg

branding for Christ following is not in church attendance.

bible versions.

standards for clots, music, movies

branding for following Christ, the way Christ followers stand out, are unique is in the way you love other Christ followers….

you know your , spouse.




worship leader.

small group leader.


guitar player.

youth pastor.


people who criticize you.

consume the resources but contribute nothing.

whatever whoever, agitates you, you don’t see eye to eye to…others see then who you really are! period. no ya-buts, however, if you knew this about them…blah blah blah


if you are serious, If I’m serious about following after Jesus Christ we MUST TRUST Him and obey his words and love the peeps that make us mad! That’s what Jesus did…and thats what Christ followers do!

Lent is a season for you and I to examine how we love ONE ANOTHER.

More than an election in November.

The deficit reduced.

Abortion abolished.

Addictions overcome.

What we really need…you and me…is to…if you are saying with your lips and brain that you are a Christ follower…is to start loving other Christ followers the way Jesus loves you!

I suggest if that happens, if we who claim to be following Jesus Christ start loving each other instead of criticizing, complaining, dividing, demonizing…all the above listed social issues will be solved, fixed and restored in the Story of God!

Now turn off your computer, shut down gossip book…I mean Facebook….and go love someone like Jesus…you know that someone that agitates you the most….: )

let the branding begin…

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