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Messes, Countdowns, Paperdolls, and A Million & One Deadlines

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If you’re a college student or were a student at one point in time, then you understand what goes on in a student’s brain around this time of year: “EVERYTHING IS DUE!!!!” As Thanksgiving draws closer, deadlines seem to approach faster–you know all of those dates that we heard about way back in August, but they seemed so far away? Yep, those dates. 2,000 word papers, lab packets, finals…you get the idea. Life in the next week and half will be a bit hectic, but so worth the hard work once that one moment hits–food, sleep, food, food, and did I mention food? 🙂

On the flip-side, we do have some exciting things coming very quickly to Simply Emily. Keep your eyes peeled for a review on one of my all-time favorite books, Paperdoll. What happens when an ordinary girl meets an extraordinary God? Well, I guess you’ll just have to wait and see! Also, look forward to some news about one of my favorite rising authors, Ashley Mays. I met Ashley when I was in the runnings for Brio Magazine’s Brio Girl 2008 and we have stayed in contact ever since! You just might get an inside look at her new website and her thoughts of late.
Since we’ve been focused on the subject of time, why not bring countdowns into play? Yeah, there’s an obvious countdown for Thanksgiving right now: 11 more days! Christmas? Gotcha: 40 days! Braces off? Yeah, got that news too: 28 days! Last little bit of surgery?–30 days! Not sure why I’m excited about those last two little events? Check out my story with this journey of braces, jaw surgery, and everything else in-between!
As you walk into whatever this week may hold, remember that “God’s great love and purposes for us are worked out in the messes, storms and sins, blue skies, daily work, and dreams of our common lives, working with us as we are and not as we should be.” No matter what countdowns you have running around in your head, how many deadlines scribbled in your planner, or lack of sleep running through your body, know that the King of Kings has a plan for you–even in the messes and crazy busy schedules of life–that is making you who He has created you to be!

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