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Modesty–Isn’t That Like From the Middle Ages?

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Modesty, what in the world does that mean? Garb that covers a girl head to toe? I mean, how am I supposed to breathe in that kind of set up?–Uh, no. Modesty is not “granny wear” or a black trash bag. Modesty is tastefully choosing clothing that is not only fashionable, but also protects you from heartache and from advertising what is not for sale.

The World’s Version of Fashion
Yes, I know that we have fashion standards to live up to! I am a girl too!! So, what is “fashion” according to the society that we live in?

  • Fashion means less is more. So, less top + more cleavage and mid-drift is awesome! Not only will guys give you more attention, but you will feel more confident about yourself!
  • Tight is better. Hip-hugger jeans work best, especially when they give you constant wedgies! Just pretend you are wearing leggings. You may not be able to walk, but that’s OK!
  • Short skirts are better than long skirts. Long skirts were made for your conservative grandma. Your legs were made for a reason so show them off!
  • Bikinis work best for the beach. And yes, tankinis and one-piece suits are for your mother and pregnant women! Show off your body!

OK, so these are just a few examples of the lies that the media throws our way. It is so hard to dig through these statements and their popularity and find the truth about what we should wear!

God’s Version of Fashion

God says fashion is awesome and definitely attainable! So, how does fashion really work?

  • Less is not more! It is true that showing more skin will definitely get you more attention from guys and it may give you some temporary confidence, but it will only leave you more broken and starving for attention that ever. You can still wear cute tops and be modest. Layering shirts and tank tops is a great idea!
  • Tight is not better–especially for the circulation system! But honestly, spandex just bring you the wrong attention in all the wrong places. So do you want a guy who loves you for your butt or for your contagious personality? I would go with the latter!
  • No, long skirts are not for grandmas! I prefer the mid-leg skirts–you know the skirts that go to about your knee. These are a perfect medium. Yes, God gave you gorgeous legs, but they are not made to be eye candy.
  • Bikinis are not best. Would you walk into your local grocery store in your bra and underwear? I sure hope not! But that is basically what you are doing? And yes I know that it is difficult to find cute tankinis, but it is possible! Trust me, you will get attention in a bikini, but not lasting or important attention!

So, how could we best define modesty? Modesty is wearing clothes that glorify God and allow you to still be a part of the “fashion world” without compromising your standards. That is worth striving for!

And one important thing to remember is that guys are visually stimulated so what they see stimulates them. We need to help protect guys from falling short. Strive for guys to like you because of your deep love and confidence in Jesus Christ. That is a love that really lasts.

Up next……It’s All In The Guy–Wait, What About Him?

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