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My Last First Day of High School!

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At 8:45 this morning I walked through the doors of Forest High School for my last “first day” of high school! Wow, how this journey of high school has gone by! Seriously I feel like I was just a freshman. So, what is my goal for this senior year–this last year of my high school career? To do ordinary things extraordinarily. I am going to walk the hallways at school and actually be excited to be there. I am going to do my school work with diligence and to the very best of my effort. I am going to enjoy my friendships and create more! I am going to live this life extraordinarily. We only have one life–why make it an ordinary one?

So, on this last first day I am excited about where God is leading me. I am on a journey. My life is an open book with the chapters being written every day. How those chapters are written is what I want to focus on.

Lord Jesus, please guide me today as I walk the halls of Forest High School. Help me to radiate your joy today. Please help me to use the 1,440 minutes that you have blessed me with today for your glory and benefit. Thank you for bringing me to this senior year! Help me to trust you and love you extravagantly! I love you. Thank you Jesus.

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