The First Day Was Great and then the Second Day Was Cancelled!

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My first “last” day of high school was awesome! I loved seeing friends that I hadn’t seen all summer and visiting teachers from last year again. I enjoyed all of my classes and even had a lunch with my little sister, Katie! The day went great and then Tropical Storm Fay made its grand entrance into the lives of Ocalans! Unfortunately school was cancelled for today (Tuesday) and tomorrow (Wednesday). So, our first week has been a bit crazy, but it will definitely go down in the history books of the class of 2009 for memories! So what will I be doing with these two added days of summer you may ask. I will be sleeping, eating, swimming in preparation for swim season, and making pizza with my friend Brittany. I know, I am really excited about that pizza!!!!

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  • Anonymous

    hey emily! glad to hear your first day went well. We don’t start till Monday here. Hope you have a great time on your little vacation. Love ya ~ kara 🙂

  • Brittany Powers

    I’m really glad that you and Katie were aloud to come over. I know that I had a great time making our own pizza and you guys spending the night. It was an awesome Secret Life Party! We will definately have some over, considering there is only 3 episodes left 🙁

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