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Preparing for Senior Year

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Today at school, we recieved our class schedule sheets for next years’ classes. As I sat in our crowded auditoreum, I excitedly scanned my paper realizing (and letting the fact sink in) that next year is my last year in high school. This is my last year to create a high school schedule! Wow. This year has been full of planning and preparing. Just look at SATs, college road trips, and endless essays! The reality of today’s choice is really starting to effect my tomorrow!

Choices really do make a big difference in our lives. The choice to eat that extra scoop of ice-cream or work on your health instead. The choice to watch that movie or study for your final exam. The choice to get mad at life or adapt to your surroundings. Life is so full of choices. The choices wae make today really do determine our tomorrows. The attitude you choose to have tonight will determine how you wake up tomorrow morning.
Think about your choices today. They may help make your tomorrow just a little bit better!

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