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Shake It Off: When You’re Not Chosen for the Job

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Have you ever gone into an interview, crushed it, and then you didn’t get the job? Have you sent email after email, job application after job application, and never gotten a response back? Do you see other people who seem to have magically been in the right place at the right time to get YOUR dream job? How is any of this fair? 

Let me tell you right now, I know this feeling well. I know what it’s like to work my butt off, have multiple people tell me they love working with me, and then I see other people get more consistent road gigs. What am I doing wrong? I know tons of people. I come with great recommendations. I work hard AND I’m a good hang (which is sometimes more important than being a hard worker.) So what gives? 

I know there is a plan at work that I cannot see, but man I just wish I could catch a glimpse of what that plan is. In the moment it can be hard to see that we are possible being spared from something: a co-worker, financial strain, a horrible work atmosphere, etc. Maybe we have built up this false image in our head of what our “dream job” looks like, when in reality that dream doesn’t exist…

So what do we do? We keep moving forward. We keep sending emails. We schedule coffee dates with people who are involved in our field/industry. We complete job applications. We even take the job that we don’t want while we continue searching for the job we want. Whatever we do, we don’t give up. 

When rejection stings or we get frustrated from simply not hearing responses from people, we can take a day or two to pout and have a pity party, but then we get back up and go after what we want. Grab coffee with your girls. Take a night to binge watch your favorite guilty pleasure TV show while eating takeout. Buy the item you’ve had your eye on for a while. But don’t let this feeling of failure or not being good enough take over. God could be protecting you from so many things, so don’t build a false narrative in your head. Maybe you are supposed to get another job so you can meet your future spouse. Maybe you are supposed to move to a cool new city and step out of your comfort zone. Maybe the place you are supposed to work at is not even on your radar at the moment because it’s so outside of what you normally do. The options are endless! Open your heart and mind to the options, because God can (and most likely will) surprise you. 

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