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Team Robertson

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When I first moved to Ocala, I met this AMAZING couple whose love for life was evident in everything that they did. From Sonny’s dinner dates to hanging out with my sister & I on weekends, Jeremy & Erika became the big brother & sister that I never had.
I distinctly remember when Erika told me that she was pregnant with Nolan. We were at a conference looking at different t-shirts and she goes, “I’m going to buy this one, but I’m going to need an X-Large because I’m about to start growing a lot.” I looked at her and immediately started crying tears of joy! Now, just about two years later, Nolan has that same zest for life that his Mommy & Daddy do…and more importantly, he is learning to love Jesus by watching his parents’ example.
Today I had the privilege of capturing the joy & hope so evident in Team Robertson. Check out all of the photos HERE!

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