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The Beauty Bias Part 2

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So maybe there is a God out there somewhere. Today as I was walking down the hall at school this girl named Allie stopped me at my locker.
“Hey Laura. How are you?” Now I was a little bit taken back by her question because, you see, I have never even talked to Allie before. I know that she goes to this church in town, but that’s about it–I mean, I have seen her before at school, but we have never connected.
“I’m fine.” I replied.
“Well, I don’t know if you are doing anything this Wednesday night, but my youth group is having a pizza party and I thought you might want to come.”
“I don’t eat pizza and why do you think I would even want to come to a youth group with you?” I smartly replied, although I really did want to go and I really wanted some pizza right about now!
“Well, God has just really placed you on my heart this past week and I thought you could uses a friend–you know if you ever need someone to talk to I am here for you. And we could go out for a salad before youth group so you don’t have to eat the pizza if you want.” She said this so kindly–and she was right, I really did want a friend.
“Well, actually I am not doing anything on Wednesday. How about we meet at that salad bar on 39th Street.”
“Alright. I can’t wait.”

So, I was actually really nervous for my time with Allie. I had never talked to this chick before, but she treated me like we had been friends for such a long time. At first I thought that there had to be a catch, but once we started talking over our salads I learned some really cool stuff about her. Like she had just moved here last year from Montana. She actually used to be a lot like me until this past summer when her parents made her go on the youth group camping trip. She didn’t want to go because she was worried that she would lose her popularity and mess up her designer pajamas (Hmmm….that sounds like me!). But over the camping trip she said that she met this guy named Jesus Christ who loved her for who she was. This guy said she was beautiful–even without make-up and designer jewelry. She gave her life to Him over that trip and she has changed ever since. Well, our conversation really had me thinking, if this worked for Allie then maybe it could work for me too.

After our salad dinner, we headed to youth group and the youth pastor talked about what Allie had said too. And when he was talking, everything just made so much sense. That hole in my heart that I have been trying so hard to fill just seemed a little bit smaller. He said that the Jesus guy actually died for me because he loved me so much. I don’t know of anyone who would do that for me. The pastor said that Jesus loved me even though He knew everything about me. He knows my thoughts and what I really want. Then the pastor said that if anyone wanted to invite Jesus into their hearts to follow this prayer that He said. I felt this tugging at my chest to say the prayer, so I did. Then I felt so peaceful. Like everything was finally falling into place.

After youth group was over, I asked Allie if we could go out for some ice-cream (I think she was a bit surprised by that!). So we headed to the ice-cream parlor and I ordered the largest ice-cream sundae they had with the most chocolate sauce and whip cream that they could put on it! (I think Allie’s eyes grew pretty wide at this too!) But then it’s like she saw me. She saw that my entire countenance had changed. That night I shared everything with her. I shared what my life was like and how everything tonight just made sense. I told her that I became a Christian and I thanked her for seeing me for who I really was.

Maybe I don’t have to live this beauty biased life anymore. I wonder how my “friends” will react.

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