The Beauty Bias Part 3

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My life is so different already and it has only been two months since I gave my life to Jesus Christ!

I now weigh a whopping 110 pounds. I eat three meals a day and boy does that feel good. I have also started giving away some of my designer stuff. I don’t really need all of that. Now I know that my beauty doesn’t come from the outside, but from the inside.

But I have made so much progress. My grades are going up. I now have As and Bs and it is only because I have actually been paying attention and doing my homework! I am actually smart!!!

I broke up with my boyfriend and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would have been. He just walked away and said that I was a waste anyway. That did hurt, but I know that he doesn’t love me the same way that Jesus does, so my heart doesn’t hurt as much. I still regret the choices that I made while I was dating, but I am slowly learning that God can restore me. For now I am choosing to not date. Crazy, right?!

I talked with my parents and told them how I feel. They even listened to me! They apologized for what they had missed in my life. They might even go to church with me. It isn’t perfect, but at least we are trying to be a family.

My “friends” completely ignore me now. I guess I know now that we were never really friends to begin with. But I have gained an amazing friend that I would never trade for one million popular girls. Allie and I really connect. I feel like I have known her my entire life.

You would think I would be depressed by my change of lifestyle: popular to unpopular, but I am actually happier than I have ever been. Now I have eternal love. I have an eternal beauty living inside my heart. There is nothing biased about that.

I feel like I finally know the real me. I have dreams and goals that I never knew I had. I want to study and do well. I want to be a good friend. But most of all I want to know Jesus better than anyone else.

Thanks for reading this three-part story. While the characters and situations were fictional, this story does represent how many girls feel. Just as Laura learned in the story, Jesus really does love you for you. He can give you an eternal beauty–not a biased beauty. If you need anything or any help down this journey of life-change, just send me an e-mail at [email protected].

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  • Kaytlynn Ann

    Hey Emily,
    This was really good, I loved it. My heart goes out for all of the girls like Laura, those living in a world of a beauty that is judged by outer apperences. Hope you have a great week!

  • Brittany Powers

    I absolutely love “The Beauty Bias Parts 1,2,&3.” They would be really good books to read. I’m looking forward to hearing about it you are going to write a book on this. It would be a great seller and I’d buy them. But great articles on them.

  • Anonymous

    Emily: what a wonderful 3 part story, my granddaughter is in part one, except she is not thin!! Please pray for her, she is all into herself, her parents do not believe and I cannot seem to rech her as far as ‘values’. My heart aches on this, I see a pattern that may bring her trouble shortly, if she does not become more spiritual and trust in Jesus, she does believe. she tells me the christian girls at her school (not forest) are not really any better, they put on a show for their parents, so it is hared to get her to open up, and come to FBC youth group. she said forrest kids do not accept other schools. Thanks,
    a hurting grandma

    ps maybe we can invite teens from area schools to some kind of youth function one time.

  • HIS Princess

    Thank you for your influence in your granddaughter’s life. I am sure that she really does appreciate it far more than you will ever know. If she has an
    e-mail, I would love to personally invite her to FBC’s youth group. She would love our new youth pastor and there is a big variety of different schools–it is not just “Forest” kids; we have students from pretty much every school in the area. I hope that she comes sometime soon! I will be praying for you.


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