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The Day I Thought I’d Lose My Best Friend

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About a year ago, my relationship with my best friend changed forever.

Her name is Carly, and we’ve been friends since high school. It was the kind of friendship that just automatically clicked, you know? The kind where you and this strange person are placed in the same group/room/class and you just hit it off right away.

That was me and Carly. Instantly. We even traveled to Europe together for ten days and never got tired of each other. (That’s pretty impressive, am I right?) And even though we were each other’s “best friend,” I think our relationship was pretty superficial.

We knew how each other was doing. We knew what each other liked/disliked about things. But, Carly and I really didn’t know how to love each other well. We focused on materialistic things and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company.

Because of those things, I knew that Carly and I could have a much deeper relationship. I was nervous, because Carly and I never talked about our faith and beliefs in front of each other, but a friendship focused on Jesus also takes some risks that we’re not used to having to make.

I didn’t know if Carly was going to understand and be excited about the change I wanted or if she would think I’m weird. I really didn’t want to lose my best friend over this, but if she’s really my best friend would she not want to be friends anymore? Probably not. Nonetheless, I was nervous when I asked her about it. I shouldn’t have been nervous, because she loved the idea! We had both been following Jesus, but hadn’t shared our relationship with God with each other!

We decided to commit to each other and decide that we would uplift each other, constantly. We decided to start sharing what we were learning in our different seasons of life from God. We started sharing our faith with each other daily, weekly, and monthly.

And let me tell you: I’ve never seen Carly in a more flattering light. She is kind. She is funny. She is patient. Carly pushes me to be a better person, she reminds me to pray when I’m at a low point. She also reminds me to praise when I’m on the top of a mountain. Our friendship has changed for the better, all because we finally filled a “God-shaped” void in our relationship.

This happens in all different kinds of relationships: best friends, classmates, family, co-workers, spouses/partners, church members, and more. If we’re able to step back and see that God is missing in our relationships, can we be brave enough to step up and fill it?

A relationship centered around Jesus includes prayer, praise, talking about the easy things, but also talking about the stuff that may be a little bit harder. This relationship is unique to each individual relationship but also should exhibit kindness, compassion, trust, honesty, and active listening.

Is there a relationship in your life that needs a little more Jesus? Pray about it and see what awesome journey God can take the two of you on.

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