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The greatest love letter I’ve ever received ❤️⁣

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I grew up knowing about Jesus—being a pastor’s kid, I heard about Jesus early on & made a decision as a middle schooler to begin a relationship with Him. It’s been in the last few years & months that I’ve really gotten to KNOW who He is, His deep love for me & who He designed me to be. And that deep knowing has been rooted here, in His Word.⁣

Last summer, I dove into a YouVersion 1 Year Bible Reading Plan. Diving into these pages, I learned something new about my Creator, His love & grace every day. This book has—and continues to—change me, mold me & grow me. I’m so thankful for God’s new mercies every morning. I’ve discovered what it means in Psalms 42 to “thirst” for God, pour out my soul to Him & hear from Him like never before. THIS is where the greatest becoming begins: at the feet of Jesus. My identity isn’t rooted in a title, relationship status, accolades & accomplishments, or number of followers on social media. WHO I AM is rooted in Jesus Christ alone. I’m His daughter. And that’s the GREATEST identity.

Warrior friend, in a world shouting its opinions of who you should be, if we were having coffee today, I’d look you in the eyes & ask if you know who you really are… if you know your Creator… & that your identity is rooted in being His daughter & His son. The crazy-beautiful thing about this identity is that it’s a free gift with no strings attached. Jesus died & rose again for me & for you, & all He desires is a relationship. If you’ve never begun a relationship with Jesus, email me. I’d love the opportunity to introduce you to Him. If you’ve already begun a relationship with Him, it’s time to root your identity in Him alone. It’s time to do the hard work of stripping off everything that tries to define us & walk in the victory we already have in Jesus. This is where “becoming” begins. ???

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