The Power of Together

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My family means everything to me. We are more than just a “group of people that are related and live together”, we are a TEAM and a unit. We are often recognized as TEAM Cummins. I look forward to introducing the players on my team to you in the upcoming days and weeks.

We have been extremely busy the past couple weeks as we travel back and forth to Ocala from Miami. This is our first weekend to really breathe and “sit back and relax” a little bit! Tonight we ordered some Cuban food (yummy!) and watched a really cute movie. It was so relaxing to just sit with my family, eat good food, and watch a movie together.
The word together reminds me of a team (here we go again!) and of one unit–everything functioning as one. TEAM Cummins really does do life together. We have shared life’s journey of joy and sorrow together and celebrated making Jesus the center and the point for our lives.
Tonight I was encouraged as I listened to my sister laugh. I smiled as I watched my Daddy scarf down black beans and rice. I celebrated as I tasted my Mom’s delicious chocolate candies. We were together and just enjoying life.
Who are you enjoying life with today? God has placed your family in your life for a reason. Enjoy them…..enjoy doing life together. If you do not have a close family, cherish your church family. Experience the love and joy that Jesus wants to shine onto your life through those who worship Him around you. Keep your eyes on Jesus–the Author and Perfecter of our faith.
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  • Mark Cummins's Blog

    Scarf down “black beans” ~ Come on girl . . that was called INHALING!

    I love you ~ We are better TOGETHER!

  • Charity Baxley

    I little ray of hope. In Belleview, there is a very small restuarant called Chicken Time that serves great Cuban food. Hope this makes you feel a little more at home in Ocala.

    Thank your Dad again for my birthday wish. That was a great, unexpected surprise.

    Merry Christmas and safe travels.

    Charity Baxley

  • HIS Princess


    Thanks for the restaurant info! We are so excited to move to Ocala. God is going to do some great things! I am excited to get to know you more.


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