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dear me… there is a Spring season right around the corner.

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Dear younger me,

Get ready. You have a life ahead of you filled with plot twists even YOU, who embraces new things without a second thought, couldn’t have been ready for. I’ll be honest right now; it’s going to be painful. You’re going to be tested. You’re going to feel broken. You’re not going to think you can make it…but I’m here to give you a spoiler alert: you make it out just fine. Your life ends up better than you could have dreamed up for yourself, because that’s how God works.

First things first…you don’t end up going to UCLA Law School. I know, I know. So sad. Let it sink in for a second and let’s move on.

Your dreams are going to change. Dream anyway. Your new dreams involve God and they involve people and they’re better than anything you could have planned for yourself.

You’ll pursue wanting to be a lawyer because that’s what everyone wants you to do, but you don’t want to do it—pursue it anyway. You’ll figure out what you’re ACTUALLY passionate about along the way.

You’ll give your heart away to boys who sing you songs and tell you they love you, but then they’ll make you question everything. Give your heart away anyway. You’ll figure out the kind of man you really want to fall in love with.

Your relationships with close friends will end, and you’ll fear being close to people again. Be close with them anyway. Some friends come and go and you’ll learn to be okay with it.

You’ll give a lot of love away to people and you won’t always get it back. Give it anyway. You have endless love to give.

You’ll make mistakes that feel like the end of the world. Make them anyway—and figure out what God is gracefully trying to teach you in the midst of it.

You’ll feel rejection—the kind that brings you to your knees and feels like there’s a knife in your stomach. Feel it anyway. You’ll come out stronger, I promise.

You’ll work hard and wonder why you’re working so hard. Work hard anyway. You’ll understand why down the road.

You’ll want to live your life in the here in now, but be distracted by planning your future. Live anyway. You’ll have too much fun and make memories you wouldn’t trade for anything.

You’ll be TERRIFIED to move to Atlanta, a city you’ve never even been to—move there anyway. It will completely change your life in the best way.

You’re on the right path. Not because of your straight A’s, or the amount of time you’re giving to your church, or because you didn’t cuss or do this or that. You’re on the right path because you love people and love Jesus. Stay on THAT path. It won’t ever take you the wrong way.

Younger me, you can plan all you want. Like, a Sharpie-marked, timeline-perfected, clear-path-from-A-to-B plan…and you can be super proud and present it to God. And He will look at your plan and say, “That’s cute. I have something better in mind.”

Throw your plan away….only plan to follow Jesus where He calls you. Embrace seasons. It may be dark and feel like winter right now…where you don’t see any life around you…but seeds are being planted. If there’s anything I’ve learned, there is a Spring season right around the corner…you just can’t give up. A Spring season filled with life, epic people who make you better, places that make you dream, and exciting challenges that you gladly accept and conquer. You will pause and have no idea why God picked you to live the incredible life you’re living and allowed you to partner with Him. You’re on the right track. Just keep moving forward, and get ready for what’s ahead.

Love, me

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