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Tinder, Christian Mingle & Match.Com, Oh My! Navigating The Murky Waters Of Online Dating

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How can you navigate the murky waters of online dating? Grab your coffee & join us as Allie Reefer​ unpacks this question with us today:

REALationships #4 | Navigating The Murky Waters of Online Dating from on Vimeo.

Allie Reefer is a full-on participant in the slash generation, filling the roles of writer/musician/social activist/traveler/still figuring out the rest. In addition to being active in her small group and the worship team at North Way Christian Community East End, she spends much of her time working with Living in Liberty, a Pittsburgh-based anti-human trafficking organization that is working to restore victims and raise awareness. She’ll talk your ear off about anything relating to human trafficking, immigration, sustainable development, and Eastern Europe. She loves deep conversations about policy and theology, mini-adventures and inside jokes with her sister, crime dramas and sitcoms, and coffee, of course.

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