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Understanding Guys…Yes At Times This Is A Little Scary!

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Yep, guys are officially crazy!–and maybe even a bit scary at times! : ) But seriously, what’s up with guys? To kick off our series on guys and dating I thought that we should talk a little bit about how to even understand guys…..

OK, so what’s to know about guys? Well, they are (for the most part!) active, physical, don’t think what you think, and don’t go get manicures and pedicures before prom–at least I hope they don’t! But guys are a lot of fun to be around–duh! Why are they fun? First of all, they really don’t care about “drama,” you can just hang out and not worry about starting a girl fight! (Again for the most part!!) But most importantly, God created us to have relationships with guys! So it is normal and natural to hang out with guys, talk to them, and build meaningful relationships with them.

So, what do we need to understand about guys before we make them a part of our group of close friends?

  1. Guys are visually stimulated. Yes, girls, I know that this issue is harped and harped upon, but the Bible clearly warns us against causing another person to fall into sin. When a guy looks at you, he is not thinking about how cute your spaghetti strap shirt is with your mini skirt! Stay with me here! We can still look cute, but in a modest way…..we will talk more about this throughout this series, so keep checking in!
  2. Guys are physical. So when you give your girlfriends a hug, they think nothing of it except that it is sealing your great friendship. When you hug a guy, he is not thinking about how great your friendship is. He is thinking about how great your body feels against his. Now, this is a general human-guy statement. Not all guys are like that–but as a general rule, side hugs are better or even high fives can suffice as a way to say hello.
  3. Guys are not and never will be girls. It is still best to share your innermost secrets with your close girlfriends. Guys cannot understand and sympathize with you about your once-a-month-visits–if you know what I mean! They are just thanking God that they don’t go through that! But, in all honesty, talking to a guy about dating relationships with other guys or about sexual topics is not appropriate. You may be sharing your thoughts with your guy friend on a very innocent level, but he may take it a completely different way. Save those talks for the girlfriends!

OK, so we have uncovered several important character traits of guys….stay tuned for thoughts on flirting, modesty, sex, and priorities in dating……here we go!

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