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Football Games, Quarterbacks, And Kisses

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Yep, it is officially that time of year–football season! Today the University of Florida kicked off its season in a game against the University of Hawaii!–which they won, by the way. Last night my high school kicked off its season with our annual Classic Game against our cross-town rival and our varsity team won! One of America’s favorite sports is back on the field along with other things…..

This was my first official week back at school after Tropical Storm Fay and in the midst of getting into the groove of my classes, loads of AP homework, and seeing old friends, the classic routine of “who likes who” already started! It is only the first week and new relationships have already begun while others have evaporated. Jordin Pruitt says it right when she sings, “Who likes who? Everyday it’s someone new. The halls are filled with voices whispering, ‘who likes who?’ Doesn’t matter if the rumor’s true.”

Who is dating at your school? Hollywood portrays the “cute couple” as the star quarterback on the football team and the head cheerleader. If this isn’t the case, then it is definitely the star quarterback and the head volleyball player. Oh, still a different scenario? Well, then it’s definitely the star quarterback and the captain of the drama club. Get the point? Hollywood glamorizes a certain type of “jock” as the guy to win. There are barely any movies where the dating scene does not have a football star as the leading player!–now this doesn’t mean that there is anything bad with dating a football player, I am merely making an observation here!

At Forest’s football Classic last night, I was able to go down onto the field to congratulate the team after our victory. As I stood with my friends, I couldn’t help but notice different girls flocking to their certain football player and giving them a big hug and a kiss–and yes, after this they were also covered in sweat! I honestly couldn’t help but wonder if these girls were dating these football players because they had a growing relationship that honored God or because it made them feel better about themselves. Why does Hollywood glamorize football players in the first place? Hello, they work out, have muscles, and win games for their school! Let’s just say they are the modern-day knight in shining armor that comes and sweeps girls off their feet. And yes, girls are swept off their feet and are wrapped up into a relationship before they even know what is happening!

So, how did I feel at the game? Well, I didn’t have a football-playing knight in shining armor to run to, so I just watched the other girls. What went through my heart right about then? Yes, I will be honest, I did feel like I should go find my own football player for a couple minutes! But then I thought back to how far God has brought me and everything that He has done for me. God has told me to wait for my knight in shining armor, so I am going to wait on God’s direction. Yes, it was a little disappointing and tough after the game when I didn’t have a hot jock calling my name, but I have the King of Kings who created my name. My God has a plan for my life that I quite frankly do not want to try and take into my own hands. If God says that He has His perfect guy out there for me, then I am going to wait for the day that I can run to my man and congratulate him on his victory. That day will come, just in God’s timing.

Back to our series on dating and guys…, society definitely gives us a picture of what the ideal dating relationship looks like, but that does not mean that it is the best description.

Society describes a healthy dating relationship as a guy and a girl who barely know each other, but decide to get to know more about each other through dating. Once the relationship begins, they go to a movie and maybe get some dinner afterwards. Then they kiss and call it a night. The next date goes a little further. The couple takes it to the next “base” and “finds out more about each other.” This couple may fight, but both parties just go and talk it out to their friends and then call each other begging for another chance. Then society says that sex seals the deal on love, so they have sex, but find out that now they just can’t be together in the same way and part ways…..or continue in the same circle over and over and over.

A healthy dating relationship defined by God goes as follows: A godly guy notices the character of a girl pursuing Jesus Christ with all of her heart. He pursues her and encourages her in her walk with Christ. They get to know each other while they actively grow in their relationship with God. Then they begin to date. They have fun with groups of people and still stay true to who they are even though they are dating. They set guidelines and standards that they have to follow in their relationship. Once they have drawn their lines, they don’t step over them. When they disagree, they don’t trash-talk each other to their friends, but talk to God about the situation and seek His guidance–He is the One who brought them together in the first place! Whatever happens, they allow God to lead and in that they are truly blessed.

I hope you are getting a couple good ideas about dating…..we still have more topics to cover so stay tuned! Still up ahead we have…

  • To Flirt or Not to Flirt, that is the Question!
  • Modesty–Isn’t that like from the Middle Ages?
  • It’s All In the Guy–Wait, What About Him?
  • When To Start Dating: the Key to A Solid Relationship.
  • The “Dating Formula”: Is There Such a Thing?
  • Let’s Talk About Sex!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this post as well as the subjects to come. If you have something more personal that you would want to share, just e-mail me at [email protected].

Remember, run to Jesus and turn around to see who is trying to catch up with you.

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