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What Could You Accomplish If….

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What if you said “No” to checking your facebook for ten days? What could you get accomplished?

This past week it feels like life was running at a hundred miles and hour and it didn’t matter if I had the energy to run along with it. Have you ever had a day like that? A week like that? So, wondering why my world was so jam-packed, I looked at what was taking up a majority of my time and reviewed what my priorities are. Looking back at my planner and to-do list, there are several things that 1) I should have said no to, 2) should have done later, or 3) should have done right away. What is one major thing that consistently aids in my procrastination? Facebook. Trust me, Facebook is a great networking tool, but it can distract you from your priorities very quickly. The same is true for many things. You know what distracts you from studying, cleaning, working out, writing that thank you note, and spending time with your family. These distractions aren’t even necessarily “bad” things, but if misused, they can have negative impacts on our lives.

Where To Go From Here
  1. Make a list of goals for yourself. A renowned example of this is through the University of Florida Quarterback, Tim Tebow. Tebow will unashamedly tell anyone who asks what his priorities are: “faith, family, academics, football.”
  2. Look back over this past week. What primarily consumed your time and energy? Did this activity/project correlate with your priorities?
  3. What distracted you from living by your list of priorities? Why or how?
  4. Make an action plan for next week. What are some things that you know that you need to accomplish. Know that you have a test coming up? When will you carve out time to study? Need to wash your car? When will you schedule time to do it?

What would happen if you said “no” to the core distractor in your life for ten days? For me, that means not checking my Facebook for ten days. Seem like a long time? Honestly, it’s not. Just think of all the things that you can do by eliminating that distraction. After the ten days is over, you may not even want to engage in that activity as much! You just never know!

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