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3 Lies About Singleness Interview with MBC Young Adults

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I had a blast hanging with Meadowbrook Church Young Adults this week, chatting with Carissa Vale unpacking 3 lies surrounding singleness.⠀

Have you ever thought singleness was “less than” marriage or being in a relationship?⠀

Have you ever felt like singleness doesn’t have a purpose?⠀

Have you ever thought: singleness isn’t fun?!⠀

I have leaned into all 3 of these lies in the past & am learning God’s TRUTH in singleness… & the reality that this is a special season to be walking in, growing, becoming & flourishing in!⠀

Grab a cup of coffee & join my & Carissa’s conversation as we unpack the 3 lies above & share what I’m learning in this season! Have a friend you want to share these truths with? Tag them in the comments or share this IGTV with them! Cheering you on big time, warrior friends! ????⠀

Thanks for inviting me to be a part of MBC Young Adults this week, Carissa & Jordan Vale! We love Meadowbrook Church#SameTeam

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