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I Haven’t Missed My Flourish Season ??

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Have you ever felt like you missed your flourish season… that time you thought you’d be in full bloom?

I turn 29 tomorrow & as a kid, I thought 29 looked like marriage, a kid or two, owning a home & having life figured out. My story hasn’t unpacked that way… but that doesn’t mean I’ve missed my season to bloom & flourish & become who God made me to be.⠀

We all have dreams & goals—and what I’m learning in Psalm 92:12-15 is that we are never too old or young to become who God made us to be. He has the perfect conditions in place for us to GROW & bloom in His best timing. I haven’t missed my flourish season… and warrior friend, neither have you! Don’t stop dreaming & don’t stop becoming… our season is up ahead if we’ll stay rooted in Him & just keep growing! The beauty & joy is found in the journey if we’ll look for it!⠀

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