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I Want A……Cheeseburger!

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So when I came home from lifeguard training today the only thing on my mind was a little thing called F-O-O-D! And the main kind of food on my mind was a big, juicy cheeseburger. Yummy…..the kind of satisfaction you receive from a hard day’s work. I had been training from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. so let’s just say that I was tired and extremely hungry and wanted everyone to move out of my way until I found my cheeseburger. When I opened my freezer to get a hamburger patty (yep, you guessed it) there were none. Zip, Nada, nothing! The only “real” food I could find was an omelet. An omelet! I had my mind set on a juicy cheeseburger! My Daddy even offered to make me that fresh omelet and some tator tots, but guess who was not excited about that idea…me. This afternoon I let something as little as a hamburger patty with cheese slapped on top in-between some bread get to me. I let a piece of meat control my attitude. Ouch. Yep, my perfectionism streak failed. Oh well! But the point is, I walked around defeated because one little thing didn’t go my way. How many times do we do that in a given day? Oh, my hair didn’t turn out right or that guy didn’t ask me to prom or I just can’t make that passing grade. Every day little things in our life don’t go according to our “plan”, but did you ever think that maybe those little things that just don’t turn out exactly right happen that way for a reason? I mean if everything was smooth sailing then what would we need God for? We would be controlling our lives and there would be absolutely no need for trust of faith. What kind of world would that be? Not a very fun or rewarding world. We wouldn’t be able to grow or see our full potential. And yet, how many times in a given day do we forget that Jesus is in control of everything. Even the little things. So what your hair didn’t turn out just right. Will anyone remember that tomorrow and does it even matter in the whole scheme of things? So what if that guy didn’t ask you to prom. Will that one night be so important one year from now or maybe even ten years from now? And is that guy even worthy of holding your hand? Probably not! And so what if you just can’t make that passing grade. Do you absolute best–give it your all and don’t look back. Life is full of choices and multiple ups and downs. The key is how we respond when the cheeseburgers of this life just don’t work out. Oh, and by the way, when I looked for that cheeseburger my Mom wasn’t home because she was aways at a conference.
When she came home tonight guess what leftovers she had from her lunch? A big, juicy cheeseburger. Hmmm…..maybe the little things do work out sometimes and maybe we need to focus on the lesson involved in them.

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