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March Madness: Learning How to Thrive in the Midst of the Crazy

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Happy March! Today we’re kicking off our brand new series, March Madness! This month, we’ll be diving into topics like…

  • Two Way Street: Learning How to Make Room for God in the Midst of the Madness
  • 3 Things I’m Learning About Journeying through the Tough Stuff of Life
  • March Madness: No Rest for the Weary
  • Truths to Cling to When You’re Feeling Burned Out
  • 3 Reasons Why the Church Needs You
  • How Having a Coffee Date with Jesus Can Change Your Life
  • What To Do When You Feel Alone
  • Mastermind: Show Your Mind Who’s Boss
  • 3 Reasons Why Your Story Matters
  • March Madness: Why Self-Care Isn’t Selfish
  • Eyes Up: Building Awareness in the Midst of Madness
  • Learning How to Pray in the Midst of the Madness

Check out the video below:

March Madness from on Vimeo.

Here we go! Share what you’re learning and discovering through our series March Madness on social media by using the hashtag #BecomingMeTV!

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